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Evaluation Sessions / Drafts

Important Notice

We find parents are sometimes unsure about whether or not their child should attend the Evaluation Sessions.  The PDF to the right contains a matrix designed to help you understand this process.  In addition, the matrix lists the criteria that will be used to evaluate whether or not players will be permitted to "play up" in the next older age group league, if parents have requested that option during the registration process.


There are no Evaluation Sessions for T-Ball or Drills & Skills

2019 Evaluation Session Details


Please bring sneakers
    a baseball glove




When:  Tuesday January 29   7:00 - 9:00 PM
Where:  Elim School Gym  7245 College Street  Lima


When:  Saturday February 2   8:30 - 10:30 AM
Where:  Elim School Gym  7245 College Street  Lima


When:  Saturday February 2 10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Where:  Elim School Gym  7245 College Street  Lima


When you enter the Elim Bible Institute, go straight back thru a Stop sign toward the pond.  The gym is on your right just prior to the pond.  Park on the left.

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There are no Evaluation Sessions for T-Ball or Drills & Skills.

What are Evaluation Sessions?

Skill evaluation (running, throwing, fielding, hitting) by league coaches which are intended to help select reasonably balanced teams.

Who should attend the Evaluation Sessions?

All registered players who are new to our league in 2019 or are moving up to a new league for the 2019 season (Intermediate, Minors, Majors only).

GENERALLY, if a player is registered (2019 season) in the same league as last season (2018), he/she does not need to attend an Evaluation Session -- he/she will be on the same team as last season.  HOWEVER, there are instances where our registration numbers might require us to reduce the number of teams in a particular league and a team would be dissolved -- requiring those returning players to be drafted to new teams.  In such cases, you will be notified by email in advance of the Evaluation Sessions.



Players intending to "play up" (a 6 yr old in Intermediate, an 8 yr old in Minors, a 10 yr old in Majors) MUST attend that league's Evaluation Session.  Based on criteria established by the HFLMYB Board of Directors (see PDF above), the Evalution Session will be used to determine whether those players possess the skills to participate safely in the older league.  Failure to attend will result in the player being assigned to his/her age appropriate league.

Draft Process at-a-glance ...

* Immediately upon the close of each Evaluation Session (held at the location indicated above), all team coaches led by a Board representative will convene in a private room to complete the draft picks.

* During the Evaluation Session, ONLY "Incredi-balls" are to be used.

At the beginning of each year, a Director will be assigned to oversee the draft as a coordinator. The coordinator usually works with the League Representative (also a Director) to organize and conduct the draft on the designated day. All coaches will be contacted by the league rep or draft coordinator to attend a coaches meeting on a day prior to the draft.