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The New Senior Field (Moffitt Field)

Moffitt Field

A league in concert!

In the summer of 2006, a new senior league field was a distant dream. In the fall of 2006, the outline of the project took shape as our contractor cleared the area. Work progressed until seasonal rain brought work to a stopping point.


The Dream marched toward reality in 2007! A dry spring and early summer saw the field fine graded and rock hounded. By the middle of June, it was ready for grass. Hydro seeding was finished by June 20th. On the 23rd a massive volunteer effort was mounted to keep the seed watered while it germinated. A new water line was run to the field. Volunteer board members moved hoses and sprinklers around the two-acre site in two DAILY shifts, from 6 am to 1pm and 2pm to 8pm, through the end of August. The hard work paid off as we grew a solid grass cover during one of the driest summers on record.


Next was construction of an infield. RM Landscaping, an experienced baseball field contractor, was commissioned to “do it right”. We elected to build clay base cutouts rather than a typical full clay infield to provide for lower future maintenance. Raking and infield “lips” will be reduced. RM designed the cutouts to allow for easy construction of a full infield in the future, if desired. A regulation pitcher’s mound and home plate area were built using high quality mound clay. We installed clay bricks in the pitcher landing area and in the batters’ boxes and catcher area to reduce rutting. Volunteer parents and senior league players also performed human rock hounding one Saturday in September removing rocks and sticks missed by the machines and leveling the areas with topsoil.


Fencing was next on tap. Empire Fence constructed a backstop and infield baseline fencing for the protection of players and fans. To promote further grass growth, volunteers slit seeded the field once in September and again in October along with core aeration to promote a thick grass cover for next year. With a good spring growing season in 2008, we should be ready for limited play next year. The final work this year was installation of sprinklers in the infield. That will help maintain healthy grass in the summer.


In addition to growing grass, a few areas where normal settling has occurred will need to be leveled this year or next as time and weather permit. Some construction material also needs to be moved and finish landscaping needs to be completed.


Finally, a HUGE thanks to ALL parents, players and other community members who have donated money, materials, time and sweat equity to make this A Dream Come True! Senator Jim Alesi also helped tremendously with a $25,000 grant. We are almost there!


You have all contributed to a long tradition of great youth baseball.


Field Basics

  • 90' baselines
  • 300' from Home Plate to the corners
  • 320' to center
  • 35' to 45' Home Plate to the Backstop
  • 18' Approx Backstop Height
  • 60' Approx between Field "A" and the New Field

A "One of a kind in our area", our Senior Field will host a first ever Senior League Game on Opening Day (TBA) 2008. Tucked into a Park-like setting almost completely surrounded by mature trees, it is anticipated that this field will rival the best in our region.

"The NEW FIELD in our own complex IS A BIG WINNER". Senior league players and parents no longer have to travel to remote locations to play home games and no longer will the games be "Out of Sight - Out if Mind". Meaning, the field is constant in view of the younger players that are progressing through the league levels. Just as an intermediate player look forward to playing on the Major Fields, Major Leaguers will wait in anticipation to play Senior League Ball. The availability of our own chowhut is a great too.


FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN... Thanks to all of those who have graciously donated their time, money or materials, As the field is nearing completion, there are other features that can be added with additional funds.

If you would still like to make a contribution, please do so by sending your donation to the address listed here.

HFMYB Senior Field Committee

  • John Moffitt
  • John Weinmann
  • Tex Holtby
  • Jim Zielinski
  • Steve Roethel
  • Mary Anne Slade
  • Dennis Segrue
  • Chris Budynas
  • Dave Lawlor
  • David Donatello
  • Here for a complete list of the HFMYB Board of Directors