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How Can I Help?

HFLMYB is blessed with many parents willing to serve as coaches. Many also volunteer their time and resources to make our league and facilities the best. We are often asked “How can I help?” Here are a few opportunities-

  • Serve on the Chow Hut committee!   The Chow Hut provides great food for hungry families and visitors on game day. It also provides funding that is vital to our league. The Chow Hut committee plans and coordinates menus and staffing. Contact Brenda Lacey (747-9393) or Jennifer Kirby (757-724-4619)
  • Help with grounds maintenance!   Our complex now has over seven acres of grass, seven fields and a batting cage area. Keeping the property in fine shape is no small task. In addition, we have responsibilities related to the Red Willison Field in Mark Tubbs Park in Lima.  Maintenance includes raking and striping the fields, trimming grass and picking up litter. With the recent work to remove lips on the fields, regular work to maintain edges will be required. We also plan to water the infields to maintain healthy grass during the (usually) dry summer.  Contact Pat Wall (697-4626), Dave Engel (478-7459) or David Donatello (329-3175).

  • Sponsor a team, advertise on our website, or purchase an outfield sign!   These are three great ways to support the league and advertise your business to hundreds of area residents. Have the name of your business spoken on a regular basis and/or your sign providing your message to parents every day of summer.  You can purchase website advertising across all five local league websites (baseball, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse) or just on our baseball website.  For more information on any of these opportunities, please click on the PDF link (upper right) and/or contact Eric Nelson at 738-3070.

If you would like to help but aren’t sure how, you can always contact David Donatello, League President, at 329-3175.

Thank you for all your help!